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  • Rainbow Moraine

    Rainbow Moraine came by her new age hippiness naturally. Vin’s never seen her be anything but adorably dippy, pro-environment, peace-loving and vegan.

  • Rose Ng

    Rose is Stephen Ng’s twin sister. Previous to this Summer’s trip to Guatemala. Rose was best known around school as (if you didn’t know her personally) “That smart Asian girl” or, (if you did know her) “Stephen’s sister”. She was the awkward ugly duckling …

  • Bill Jessup

    Drives a beat up white pickup with a kick ass stereo system. Wears a cowboy hat or a John Deer hat and flannel at all times. Also a linebacker on the football team .

  • Mike McLeaod

    Marching Band leader, and all around good guy. A bit of a nerd but in a more socially acceptable way. Especially since his father is a rich IT guy so he can afford to buy friendships with the more popular people.

  • Gerald “Gerry” Yamamoto

    Little wiry Japanese kid. Into video games, Anime, TTRPGS’s and TT wargames. Total outcast. Walks around school with a three ring binder with D&D shit drawn on the front cover. If asked about it he’ll not stop telling you about his character and latest …

  • Roman Toschenko

    Roman Toschenko is a clean-cut young man who gets good grades and never gets in trouble. Of course, that’s because he’s smart enough not to do anything in front of teachers or other authorities. His father is incredibly strict, so Roman maintains the …

  • Victoria “Vicky” Hall

    The semi-outcast rocker chick who always hangs out in the smoking area. Dyes her hair black and is always wearing some sort of silver jewelry (usually an Ankh of some sort), black fishnets and usually a ratty and patched coat with a Black Flag patch on …

  • Amber DeSilva

    Amber DeSilva, a member of the cheer squad and on flag team and second string Violin in Orchestra. She was one of the middle of the road kids at school. Invited to all the parties and “in the know” but, she’d never truly be considered one of “The Popular …

  • Noah Nanahee

    Noah Nanahee has always been picked on by the more popular kids. He’s overweight, poor, and some indeterminate amount Native American. He was always big for his age, but toward the end of middle school, he started to get a lot bigger. At 17, Noah is 6’4", …

  • Jason Stoddard

    The scrawny ginger nerdy kid with the slow burning explosive temper. (stealing a page from our higschool here) In middle school, when he was being harassed by another kid he stabbed a pencil clean through the other kids hand. Since then people have been …

  • Isaiah Richmond

    Isaiah Richmond, spoiled little rich kid who swears he’s really punk and Vin is just a poseur. His leather jacket was a lot more expensive and came pre-studded. Make of that what you will.

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