Lavinia "Vin" Haleford

The Werewolf



Hot: 1
Cold: -1
Volatile: 1
Dark: 0


Primal Dominance: When you Harm someone, take a String on them.

Heightened Senses: When you rely on your animal instincts to make sense of a charged situation, roll with dark. On a 10 up, ask the MC three questions. If you act on one of
the MC’s answers, add 1 to your first roll. • On a 7-9, ask one:

  • Where’s my best escape route or way in?
  • Which enemy is the most vulnerable to me?
  • What’s their secret weakness?
  • What poses the biggest threat to me?
  • Who’s in control here?


Madison: 2


Feisty. Predatory eyes.





It was a pretty idyllic life, really. Lavinia was born in Portland to a sociology professor and a chamber musician with a side interest in musical history. They raised her with a light hand, encouraging her to follow their bliss and reacting with pleased amusement and permissiveness when she wanted to express herself via unusual hair colors and the occasional piercing. She was an intelligent and inquisitive young girl; her tendency to go unchallenged in mainstream schools led her parents to explore other, more experimental options. She did reasonably well in a Montessori school, and after that she attended a series of small themed private schools. She had a close-knit and diverse group of friends that took her all over the city and often outside it — camping was a frequent break both her family and her friends took. That was when everything changed. She was fetching wood on a class camping trip when she got turned around in the woods, mesmerized by the light of the moon in the leaves. She didn’t remember much after that — the feel of predatory jaws closing around her thigh, and then she was back at camp, awake, the bone she knew had broken healed, not a mark on her skin. She blamed her missing trousers on fever dreams. Her friends say she changed after that — her fuse, previously long, grew short; she got in fights both verbal and physical; she started to defy even the most easygoing and rational requests from her remarkably mellow family. Three months later, on another camping trip, her parents were savaged to death by what the coroner thought was perhaps a rabid dog, though the largest he’d ever seen. Vin doesn’t remember much at all from that night, just her anger and silver light, and waking up the next morning too full to eat breakfast even before she discovered her parents’ bodies in the next tent. Per her parents’ wishes, she was shipped off to live with Great-Aunt Wilhelmina (Mina), herself a PhD folklorist who lives in what appears to be a dilapidated haunted house on the edge of town. Great-Aunt Mina tries to help poor Vin, though she doesn’t understand why the girl’s hair is so many colors and where her terrible temper came from all of a sudden… or at least she tries to ignore the signs. Vin has settled in poorly, spending most of her time in her room or in the woods.

Lavinia "Vin" Haleford

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