Madison Marie Pruit

The Queen


Hot: 2
Cold: 1
Volatile: -1
Dark: -1

The Clique: You’re at the head of the toughest, coolest most powerful clique around. They count as a Gang. Choose one of the following strengths for your gang.
-They’re armed (with guns and other real dangerous stuff)
-They’re connected (with money and designer drugs)
-They’re talented (In a band, or sports team)
-They’re cultists (with dark oaths and a willingness to die)

Streaming: You have a telepathic connection with your gang members. You can always hear their emotions and fears. When you try to hear specific thoughts, roll Gaze Into The Abyss about it and add 1 to your roll.

Natalya Rokosovski 1
Skyler Blake 1
Rose Ng 1
Vin 2
Marisa 1


Madison is “The Girl" around school. The person who is always there to cheerfully lend a hand and help out. Member of the ASB, leader of the Pre-school Prayer Group, tutor, organizer for the Boosters and Swim Team Captain. If it’s something that would look good on a college application she’s turned her hand to it at some time or other. But that’s not the reason she does all these things. She honestly wants to help out, around the community and at school.

This is a personality trait that only increased when she came back from her church mission to Guatemala this Summer. When she returned to school that fall everyone commented on her positive attitude and sunny disposition was and how she “absolutely glowed”.

Of course, what they don’t know is that while she was away Madison encountered something in the remote jungles of Guatemala. Something that took over her body and mind. Devouring her individuality and personality and subsuming her into itself. Something that she brought back to the island.

Madison Marie Pruit

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