Bitter Tides

Hallway Waylay

NPCs: Rose
PCs: Madison and Vin

Vin, just as you are starting to leave homeroom Rose steps out in front of you, blocking your path. She is wearing a very friendly looking smile. “Vin! We need to speak to you a moment.”

vin.jpg “Uh, what? You know when I got attacked I fought back, right?” She crosses her arms, looking at Rose warily.

Madison_Pruit.jpg Madison skips up behind Vin. Bag over her shoulder, her textbook and some loose papers clutched to her chest. One of the loose papers you can see, has hearts, rainbows and flowers doodled in the margins “Silly goose, it’s nothing like that.” She rolls her eyes, “We’ve got like, something really important to ask you.Can we talk while you walk to class?”

vin.jpg Vin shuffles nervously and tugs at one of her backpack’s straps. “Yeah, sure, whatever. I mean I gotta walk anyway, right?” She slows her normally brisk pace a little though. Madison doesn’t usually walk as fast as she does. Which she would totally not know if she wasn’t pretty much stalking the local alpha representative of Homo pompomicus. Vin’s shoulders curl over and she looks intensely uncomfortable, but keeps her attention on Madison and Rose.

Madison_Pruit.jpg Madison falls into step at Vin’s left side while Rose takes up position to her right. Madison lets out a small sigh before she begins. “First things first. You’re new here so… we figured we’d both say hi, and welcome to the neighborhood such as it is.” Madison gestures with her hands to imply the school and it’s environs. “Normally we’d of done this sooner but, it’s been hectic with school starting and everything and it kinda slipped through the cracks. Sorry bout that B-T-Dubbs. Anyways, if you need any help in school or have any questions about people, or the town don’t hesitate to ask Rose or I. We’re happy to help, and make you feel at home here. Also-”

Rose cuts Madison off in what you have a sneaking suspicion is a welcome speech she probably practiced last night in a mirror. “Madison, we’ve only got three minutes to get to class. Ask her.”

Madison flashes a brief look of annoyance at being cut off “Well then, I’ll make it quick. Roman’s parents are out of town this weekend. And as you may not know when his parents are out of town he always like, throws a party. And they are always the best. The most -”

Rose continues “-Popular people will be there. He always has the best music -”

Madison’s turn “-And sound system. Sometimes he even has a DJ.And of course”

Both girls begin to say the exact same thing simultaneously. " -The best booze and Boys!" They both break into giggles as if at some inside joke.

“And all the cops avoid his place for some reason. So best of all no MIPs to kill the mood. So, you’re coming right?”

Before waiting to hear Vin’s response Madison continues. “If it’s about getting there don’t worry. I don’t drink so you have a DeeDee. And if you’re worried about like, creepers and stuff we’ll have Skyler there to keep them at bay.” Then as if remembering another detail, " Oh! and you can meet Natalia. You guys will be like two peas in a pod. So?…" Both girls look to Vin.



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