Moves and Rolling

This is how I would like to see moves, dice rolls, and MC voice to work. In a face to face game the MC asks lots of questions all the time and makes judgments on when something you are trying to do calls for a move. It’s a little trickier in this sort of setting. I’m going to call dibs on italics text for GM and system talk.

If Strings are exchanged, if you want to activate one of your moves, or anything else system-y that I can’t think of at the moment just note that in the text of your action and italicize it. Once a move is called in we’ll make a break with all the crunchy move data there. I expect to be keeping a page of the moves all written out so we can copy/paste the full text of the move, or at the very least the full text of the result from the roll.

Speaking of rolls, I will be trusting you all to roll your own dice and post the honest result. This is the fun of all of us, and I don’t want to start with mistrust.

This is how I am envisioning it:

Maybe some text here.
I want to Gaze Into the Abyss

Here may be some question and answer about how the character goes about gazing into the abyss

Gaze Into the Abyss
Roll with dark. On a successful roll, it answers your questions and shows you visions.
10 up, choose two:
– the visions are lucid and detailed
– the visions show you what you must do, and you carry 1 forward to doing it
– the visions cure you, removing a Condition
7-9, choose one:
– the visions are confusing and alarming
– the visions are lucid and detailed but they leave you with the Condition drained.

Roll: 7
- the visions are confusing and alarming

Then I as the MC describe the visions and results and play continues.

Moves and Rolling

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