How to Post

This is how I’d like to make this work. I’ve done a few games like this (in other wikis) in the past and it worked out fabulously. Hopefully the system here will also notify you if you are trying to edit a page that someone else is as well. That will be key to preventing a unique form of crosstalk.

Scene – Each scene is a new post in the “Adventure Log” either the GM will make one to set up a scene or players can make one if they are generating their own. For example if you decide that the characters are going to go off on their own and talk.

Dialogue/Action – Each character should have at least one 100px x 100px image saved here. If you need a hand with such things I am more than happy to help. When you add to the post what your character is doing, add the image, there is an Image Embed button to the right, align it to the left when you add it and then add the text of your dialogue and/or actions. This just makes it super clear who is doing what. Once you are done add a < hr > (no spaces) to make a nice pretty line at the end of your action.

For example:

Super Clever Title

It is a lazy summer day. The fluffy clouds meander over the blue vault of the sky, as if they too feel the heat of the day. You have all gathered under the shade of an oak.

Null01.jpg “This is a really lovely day, I hope it stays like this forever!”

unknown-person.gif The new, nameless person looks over in scorn.
“Well says you. You have a face.”

How to Post

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