Homeroom Seating

This is homeroom. Where do you sit? Edit the page to stick your PC’s name on the key. I’ll eventually add things to the homeroom map, if it makes sense.


Homeroom Key

Teacher: Dr. Joseph Thrush
Seat 1: Rainbow Moraine
Seat 2: Rose Ng
Seat 3: Madison Pruit
Seat 4: Bill Jessup
Seat 5: Mike McLeaod
Seat 6: Marisa St. John
Seat 7: Megan Weir
Seat 8: Gerald Yamamoto “Gerry”
Seat 9: Roman Toschenko
Seat 10: Victoria “Vicky” Hall
Seat 11: Vin Haleford
Seat 12: Amber DeSilva
Seat 13: Noah Nanahee
Seat 14: Jason Stoddard
Seat 15: Isaiah Richmond

Homeroom Seating

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