Rose Ng

That smart Asian girl


Rose is Stephen Ng’s twin sister. Previous to this Summer’s trip to Guatemala. Rose was best known around school as (if you didn’t know her personally) “That smart Asian girl” or, (if you did know her) “Stephen’s sister”. She was the awkward ugly duckling of school. Not a lot of friends or fashion sense, meh hair, meh skin. She just didn’t stand out and was always eclipsed by her brother.

She’s the person who you turned to in Math class when you needed to copy the homework you didn’t do the evening before. The girl you’d con, at the last minute, into proofreading and editing your History paper while you and your friends went out to the mall.

It was in after school tutoring Sophomore year that Rose became fast friends with Madison. Them being the only two students to volunteer to be tutors. When, next Summer there was a church Mission, Madison invited Rose along. When she returned with Madison at the end of Summer Rose had blossomed. it was like the Mission had been an secret extreme makeover or something. She’s now one of the prettiest and most confident girls at school. “Guess she was just a late bloomer.”

But, she didn’t loose her smarts when she got her looks. She’s more savvy now. She still remembers all the people that used her and treated her badly and, despite her new popularity, still has a bit of a chip on her shoulder towards them.

Rose Ng

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