Roman Toschenko

The richest kid in school


Roman Toschenko is a clean-cut young man who gets good grades and never gets in trouble. Of course, that’s because he’s smart enough not to do anything in front of teachers or other authorities. His father is incredibly strict, so Roman maintains the appearance of an upstanding model student. But most of the students know Roman is the one you go to when you want something it’s not strictly legal for you to have. They also know that you do NOT cross him.

For various reasons, no one really likes Roman very much: he doesn’t care about school spirit or sports (though he lifts), he’s an outsider (moved here freshman year), and he’s an arrogant, swaggering jackass. But everyone goes to Roman’s parties because Roman throws the best parties in San Juan County (when his parents are away, of course).

Oh, and he’s second-generation Ukrainian. Don’t call him Russian unless you want to get your ass kicked.

Roman Toschenko

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