Megan Weir



Megan Weir is aggressively, enthusiastically geeky. She loves supernatural romance (books, TV, and movies), creepypasta, and stuff that tends more toward dark shadows of the real world than pastoral fantasy or science fiction. She believes that ghosts and probably some cryptids are real, though she isn’t so gullible that she thinks every orb in a picture is a spirit. Likewise, she believes in very low-level magic and psychic phenomena; she reads tarot cards and believes herself to be mildly empathic.

She’s also a wannabe ghost hunter. That’s how she got arrested. There’s no shortage of creepy, old places on the islands, but unfortunately for Megan (“not Meg”), most of them are other people’s property. That’s how she got arrested for trespassing when a local shitbag cop decided to make a point. It wasn’t a big deal, but some of the kids happened to hear about it and spread it around. Now everybody knows, but it didn’t really do too much to damage her reputation. She’s too much of an oddball to begin with.

And since we’re doing mixed classes, let’s make Megan a sophomore.


Megan Weir

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