Amber DeSilva

Middle of the road kid


Amber DeSilva, a member of the cheer squad and on flag team and second string Violin in Orchestra. She was one of the middle of the road kids at school. Invited to all the parties and “in the know” but, she’d never truly be considered one of “The Popular Kids”.

In the final few months of last year though she quite suddenly disappeared from the school scene. Which of course, suddenly made her register on everyone’s social radar. When people asked about Amber nobody knew for sure what had happened. So, in the absence of actual facts wild rumors began to fly. Finally an explanation stuck ( an explanation forwarded by Zach Schumacher.Probably after she turned him down) that Amber had become pregnant slutting it up around town. And her parents had her leave town to have the baby.

“I mean she’s a cheerleader. Everyone knows they’re all sluts.”

The real story is far darker than the rumor. It turns out that Amber has some major self image issues and had developed Bulimia. A fact that only came to the attention of her parents when she attempted to kill herself by overdosing on her mothers anti-depression meds. Her parents sent her off to therapy as soon as she stabilized in the hospital and refuse to discuss the situation with anyone outside the family. Of course only fueling the rumors more.

Amber DeSilva

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